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DC Power Portable Inhaler Nebulizer for Pediatric and Adult 1.8-3.5μm MMAD

DC Power Portable Inhaler Nebulizer for Pediatric and Adult 1.8-3.5μm MMAD

Adult Portable Inhaler Nebulizer

1.8-3.5μm MMAD Portable Inhaler Nebulizer

DC Power Portable Inhaler Nebulizer

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A18+, A18, B9, C9

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Product Details
MMAD Particle Size:
Nebulization Mode:
Pediatric And Adult
DC Power:
Type-c USB Or Alkaline Battery
DC 3V Or 5V
Noise Level:
Medical Class
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Product Name:
Portable Inhaler Nebulizer
Product Description


DC Power Portable Inhaler Nebulizer for Pediatric and Adult 1.8-3.5μm MMAD

Product Description:

The Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is a state-of-the-art device designed to deliver respiratory medication effectively and efficiently. As an Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer, it stands at the forefront of nebulizer technology, providing a cutting-edge solution for individuals requiring inhalation therapy. Whether for clinical settings or home use, this device embodies the perfect blend of convenience and advanced features.

At the core of the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer's functionality is its sophisticated mesh technology. The nebulizer operates with a voltage of either DC 3V or 5V, making it versatile and adaptable to different power sources. This flexibility ensures that the device can be used in various settings, from hospitals to outdoor environments, without the constraints of finding a compatible power outlet. The Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer is designed to convert liquid medication into a fine mist, facilitating deep penetration into the lungs for effective treatment.

One of the hallmark features of the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is its exceptionally low noise level, operating within the 30-40dB range. This low noise output is especially beneficial in a clinical setting, where the tranquility of the environment is paramount for patient comfort. It also makes the device ideal for use at home, particularly during night-time treatments, as it operates quietly enough not to disturb sleep.

When it comes to particle size, the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is engineered to produce an MMAD (Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter) particle size ranging from 1.8-3.5μm. This optimal range enhances the efficiency of medication delivery, ensuring that the medicated mist can reach the targeted areas within the respiratory tract. The precise particle size distribution is crucial for treating various respiratory conditions, as it ensures the medication is absorbed where it's most needed.

The versatility of the nebulizer is further exemplified by its Nebulization Mode, which caters to both pediatric and adult patients. This feature allows the device to be adjusted according to the patient's age and treatment requirements, ensuring that each user receives the appropriate dosage and inhalation speed. By accommodating different lung capacities and breathing patterns, the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer serves as a universal solution for families and healthcare facilities alike.

As a Clinical Nebulizer, the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer has been designed with healthcare professionals in mind. It meets the stringent standards of clinical use, providing reliable and consistent performance in hospital settings. Its portable nature allows for easy transport from one patient room to another, enhancing the efficiency of healthcare delivery. Moreover, its ease of use ensures that patients can be trained to self-administer their medication under the supervision of healthcare providers, promoting independence and adherence to treatment regimens.

In the realm of hospital respiratory care, the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer doubles as a Hospital Respirator Machine, providing respiratory support to patients with a wide range of pulmonary conditions. Its advanced mesh technology guarantees that the medication is delivered in the most absorbable form, making it an indispensable tool in the management of chronic respiratory diseases.

To sum up, the Portable Inhaler Nebilizer is not just a product but a comprehensive respiratory solution. Its intelligent design, coupled with its capability to deliver medication efficiently, makes it a must-have for anyone seeking a reliable nebulization system. Its portability, ease of use, and quiet operation are just a few of the features that make it a standout product in the world of inhalation therapy.



  • Product Name: Portable Inhaler Nebulizer
  • Adjustable Rate: ≥0.2ml/min-0.6mL/min
  • Biocompatibility: Medical Class
  • Nebulization Mode: Pediatric and Adult
  • Capacity: 9-18ml(MAX)
  • Voltage: DC 3V or 5V
  • Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer Technology
  • Designed for Clinical Nebulizer Treatments


The deePNebu portable inhaler nebulizer range, encompassing the models A18+, A18, B9, and C9, is a versatile and essential medical device designed for various application occasions and scenarios. Originating from China, these clinical nebulizers combine cutting-edge technology with dependable performance, making them suitable for both professional and personal use. With their medical class biocompatibility, they ensure safe and effective delivery of medication to patients of all ages.

One of the primary application scenarios for the deePNebu nebulizer is in clinical settings. Medical professionals often use the deePNebu clinical nebulizer to administer medication in the form of a mist, which is easily inhaled into the lungs. This is particularly beneficial for patients suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, or bronchitis. The precise MMAD particle size of 1.8-3.5μm ensures that medication is delivered efficiently and reaches deep into the lungs for optimal effect.

At home, the deePNebu models serve as a convenient and easy-to-use solution for respiratory care. The portable nebulizers are particularly useful for chronic respiratory patients who require regular treatment, allowing them to manage their condition effectively without frequent hospital visits. The capacity of 9-18ml (MAX) ensures that a sufficient amount of medication can be nebulized in each session, catering to individual treatment requirements. Moreover, the flexibility of power source options, including DC 3V or 5V and compatibility with Type-c USB or alkaline batteries, makes these nebulizers adaptable and ideal for home use.

For pediatric care, the deePNebu kids nebulizer machine is specifically designed to meet the needs of younger patients. The child-friendly design helps to alleviate the anxiety that children may face when taking medication. Whether it's for routine care or during an acute asthma attack, the deePNebu nebulizer ensures that children receive their medication in a form that is both effective and less intimidating. The ease of use and quiet operation are key features that contribute to a stress-free experience for both kids and parents alike.

Furthermore, the portability of the deePNebu nebulizer models makes them excellent companions for travel. Individuals with respiratory conditions can carry their device with them, ensuring they have access to their medication wherever they go. Whether it's a short trip to the park or an international journey, the compact and lightweight design of the deePNebu nebulizers, along with their flexible power options, ensure that users remain prepared to manage their respiratory health on the move.

In summary, the deePNebu portable inhaler nebulizer models A18+, A18, B9, and C9 are indispensable tools for a wide range of scenarios, from clinical environments to home care, and from pediatric use to travel. They epitomize the fusion of convenience, flexibility, and reliability, making respiratory treatment accessible and efficient for everyone in need.



Brand Name: deePNebu

Product Name: Portable Inhaler Nebulizer

Model Number: A18+, A18, B9, C9

Place of Origin: China

MMAD Particle Size: 1.8-3.5μm, ideal for effective respiratory treatments with the Hospital Respirator Machine.

Voltage: DC 3V Or 5V, ensuring flexible power options for clinical settings or on-the-go usage.

Adjustable Rate: ≥0.2ml/min-0.6mL/min, allowing for precise control over medication delivery for a Clinical Nebulizer.

DC Power: Type-c USB Or Alkaline Battery, offering reliable power for the Hospital Respirator Machine in various medical environments.


Support and Services:

The Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is designed to deliver a fine mist of medication for easy absorption into the lungs, providing reliable and convenient respiratory therapy for patients with asthma, COPD, and other respiratory conditions. Our technical support and services are committed to ensuring that your experience with the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is efficient, effective, and satisfactory. Below are the support services we provide for this product:

Product Setup: Detailed instructions for the initial setup of your Portable Inhaler Nebulizer, including assembly and the first use of the device.

User Instructions: Comprehensive guidance on how to use the nebulizer, including dosage administration, maintenance, and cleaning procedures to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of the device.

Troubleshooting: A list of common issues that users may encounter, along with step-by-step solutions to resolve them quickly and effectively.

Maintenance Support: Information on regular maintenance practices to keep your Portable Inhaler Nebulizer operating at peak performance, including filter changes and disinfection processes.

Warranty Information: Details regarding the product warranty, including coverage, duration, and how to make a claim should there be any manufacturing defects or operational issues.

Replacement Parts: Information on how to order replacement parts for your nebulizer, such as masks, mouthpieces, tubing, and filters, to ensure continuous operation.

FAQs: A compiled list of frequently asked questions to provide quick answers to common concerns and inquiries about the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer.

We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality support and service for your Portable Inhaler Nebulizer. Please refer to your product manual for more detailed information on the operation and care of your device.



Q1: What models of Portable Inhaler Nebulizer does deePNebu offer?

A1: deePNebu currently offers the A18+, A18, B9, and C9 models of Portable Inhaler Nebulizers.

Q2: Can the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer be used for both children and adults?

A2: Yes, the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is designed for use by individuals of all ages, including both children and adults. Please consult the user manual for information on appropriate mask sizes and settings.

Q3: How do I clean my deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer?

A3: To clean your deePNebu Nebulizer, detach the medicine chamber, mask, and mouthpiece and wash them with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to air dry. Do not submerge the main unit or power cord in water.

Q4: Is the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer battery-operated or does it require an electrical outlet?

A4: The power source for each deePNebu nebulizer model may vary. Refer to the specific product manual for your model (A18+, A18, B9, C9) to determine if it is battery-operated or requires an electrical outlet.

Q5: What is the country of origin for the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer?

A5: All models of the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer, including A18+, A18, B9, and C9, are manufactured in China.

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