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Medical Class Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer for Pediatric and Adult Potable Inhalor

Medical Class Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer for Pediatric and Adult Potable Inhalor

Pediatric Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer

Potable Inhalor Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer

Medical Class Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer

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A18+, A18, B9, C9

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Product Details
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Pediatric And Adult
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Portable Inhaler Nebulizer
Medical Class
DC 3V Or 5V
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Product Description


Medical Class Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer for Pediatric and Adult Potable Inhalor

Product Description:

Introducing the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer , a state-of-the-art medical device designed to meet the demanding needs of both pediatric and adult patients. Whether you are at home or on the go, this intelligent mesh nebulizer provides the flexibility and efficiency necessary for effective respiratory treatments. Crafted with the highest standards of biocompatibility, this medical-class product offers a safe and reliable solution for those requiring inhalation therapy.

The Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is equipped with a powerful DC power system, allowing for seamless operation through either a Type-c USB connection or traditional alkaline batteries. This flexibility ensures that your nebulization therapy can continue uninterrupted, even when access to a power outlet is not available, making it an essential tool for individuals with active lifestyles or for use in areas where power stability is a concern.

With a generous capacity range of 9-18ml (MAX), the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer can hold an ample amount of medication, reducing the need for frequent refills and allowing for a complete and thorough administration of prescribed treatments. This feature is particularly beneficial for patients with chronic respiratory conditions who require consistent and substantial doses of medication.

The device has been meticulously designed to serve as a hospital respirator machine, ensuring that it adheres to the stringent quality and performance standards expected in a clinical setting. However, its compact and portable nature means that it can also be used comfortably at home or while traveling, providing hospital-grade care no matter where you are. The Portable Inhaler Nebulizer bridges the gap between professional healthcare and home-based treatment, delivering clinical precision in a convenient, user-friendly package.

One of the standout features of the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is its intelligent mesh nebulizer technology. This advanced system atomizes medication into a fine mist, which can be easily inhaled into the lungs, ensuring maximum absorption and effectiveness. The nebulization mode can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of both pediatric and adult patients, making it a versatile choice for families or healthcare facilities catering to a diverse patient demographic.

The Portable Inhaler Nebulizer also boasts impressive user-centric design elements. Its quiet operation allows for discreet use without causing disturbance, which is particularly important when administering late-night treatments to children. The simple one-button operation eliminates the complexity often associated with medical devices, ensuring that individuals of all ages and technological proficiencies can use it with ease.

Safety is paramount when it comes to medical devices, and the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer excels in this area. The medical-class biocompatibility of the materials used in its construction means that it is free from harmful substances that could provoke allergic reactions or adverse effects. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing to ensure patient safety and device reliability, giving both healthcare professionals and patients peace of mind.

In summary, the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is an essential healthcare device for anyone in need of respiratory treatment. Its ability to function as a hospital respirator machine, combined with the convenience of a portable device, makes it an intelligent choice for those seeking the best in nebulization therapy. Whether you are managing asthma, COPD, or any other condition that requires inhalation therapy, the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer stands ready to deliver effective, reliable, and user-friendly treatment, anytime and anywhere.



  • Product Name: Portable Inhaler Nebulizer
  • Biocompatibility: Medical Class
  • DC Power: Type-c USB Or Alkaline Battery
  • Capacity: 9-18ml(MAX)
  • Noise Level: 30-40dB
  • Voltage: DC 3V Or 5V
  • Key Features: Hospital Respirator Machine, Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer


The deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer, with model numbers A18+, A18, B9, and C9, is a cutting-edge Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer originating from China that offers a seamless and quiet operation at a noise level of merely 30-40dB. Designed for flexibility, it operates efficiently at a voltage of either DC 3V or 5V. The deePNebu nebulizer is an exemplary solution tailored for various application occasions and scenarios, ensuring that respiratory care is accessible both at home and on-the-move.

For individuals managing chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, or allergies, the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer serves as a reliable companion for daily management. With a generous capacity ranging from 9 to 18ml (MAX) and an adjustable rate of ≥0.2ml/min-0.6mL/min, it allows for precise dosage control, essential for both adults and pediatric patients. The compact design and quiet operation make it an ideal Kids Nebulizer Machine, reducing the anxiety and discomfort often associated with nebulization therapy.

Parents will find the deePNebu nebulizer indispensable when traveling, ensuring that their child's respiratory treatment continues uninterrupted, irrespective of location. Its portability ensures that children receive their medication on time, whether during long car journeys, flights, or while enjoying outdoor activities. The low noise feature is particularly beneficial in public settings, where discretion is appreciated, and it minimizes disturbance to others.

In clinical settings, the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer transitions seamlessly as a Clinical Nebulizer. Healthcare professionals can utilize its advanced features to administer medication efficiently, benefiting from the adjustable rate to cater to the specific needs of their patients. Its intelligent operation and ease of use make it a favored choice in hospitals, clinics, and emergency care centers, where time and patient comfort are of the essence.

The deePNebu nebulizer is also an excellent aid for athletes or fitness enthusiasts who may experience exercise-induced bronchoconstriction. The device's portable nature means it can be easily included in a gym bag or backpack, providing quick relief and enabling individuals to continue their training regimen without significant interruptions.

Elderly patients who often have mobility issues will find the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer's lightweight design and ease of operation a blessing. The nebulizer can be used comfortably at home, in assisted living facilities, or during visits to family and friends. The quiet operation ensures that nebulization does not interfere with conversation or rest, maintaining the quality of life for the user.

In summary, the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is a versatile and essential healthcare device suitable for a wide range of scenarios, including home healthcare, travel, clinical environments, athletic activities, and elder care. Its intelligent, quiet, and efficient design ensures that respiratory therapy is delivered effectively, comfortably, and conveniently, regardless of the setting.



Brand Name: deePNebu

Model Number: A18+, A18, B9, C9

Place of Origin: China

Capacity: 9-18ml(MAX)

Nebulization Mode: Suitable for both Pediatric and Adult usage

Biocompatibility: Conforms to Medical Class standards ensuring safety and compatibility

Noise Level: Quiet operation with a noise level between 30-40dB

Product Name: Portable Inhaler Nebulizer

Our deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is designed to deliver medication efficiently and with ease, making it an ideal choice for both children and adults. The Intelligent Mesh Nebulizer technology ensures that patients receive a fine mist for quicker absorption and effective treatment. Whether you need a reliable Kids Nebulizer Machine or a versatile nebulizer for adult treatments, the deePNebu models A18+, A18, B9, and C9 can meet your needs. Experience the convenience of portable nebulization with the assurance of medical-grade biocompatibility and low-noise operation.


Support and Services:

Our Portable Inhaler Nebulizer is designed for ease of use and reliability. To ensure the best experience with your product, we offer comprehensive technical support and services. Here's what you can expect:

Product Setup: Detailed instructions are included with your nebulizer to guide you through the setup process. Our online resources also provide additional support for getting started.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues while using your Portable Inhaler Nebulizer, our troubleshooting guide can help you identify and solve common problems. This resource is available on our website for quick reference.

Maintenance Tips: To keep your nebulizer in optimal working condition, we provide maintenance guidelines. Regular cleaning and proper care are essential, and our instructions make it simple.

FAQs: Our Frequently Asked Questions section offers quick answers to common queries about the Portable Inhaler Nebulizer. This is a great place to start if you need immediate assistance.

Technical Support: If you require further help, our technical support team is ready to assist you with any product-related questions or issues. While we do not offer direct contact information here, you can access support through the customer service portal on our website.

Warranty Service: Your Portable Inhaler Nebulizer comes with a manufacturer's warranty. If your product is defective or experiences issues under normal use conditions, we will provide repair or replacement services in accordance with our warranty terms and conditions.

We are committed to ensuring that your experience with our product is satisfactory and stress-free. Thank you for choosing our Portable Inhaler Nebulizer.



Q: What types of medications can be used with the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizers?

A: The deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizers (models A18+, A18, B9, C9) are designed to be used with a variety of prescribed liquid medications for respiratory conditions. However, always consult with your healthcare provider to ensure compatibility with your specific medication.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer?

A: To clean your deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizer, disconnect all parts and wash the medicine cup and mouthpiece with warm soapy water after each use. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Do not wash the tubing or the main unit. For detailed maintenance instructions, please refer to the user manual.

Q: Can the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizers be used for both children and adults?

A: Yes, the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizers (models A18+, A18, B9, C9) come with mouthpieces and masks that can be used by both children and adults. Please ensure that you select the appropriate mask size for the user.

Q: What is the battery life of the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizers?

A: The battery life of the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizers will vary depending on the model and usage. Models A18+ and A18 typically have longer battery life compared to models B9 and C9. For exact battery life specifications, please refer to your model's user manual or contact customer support.

Q: Are the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizers quiet during operation?

A: Yes, the deePNebu Portable Inhaler Nebulizers are designed to operate quietly, making them suitable for use at home or in public spaces without causing significant disturbance.

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