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Latest company news about the 89th CMER

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New advances in aerosolised drug delivery: vibrating membrane nebuliser technology

Innovative nebuliser systems bear the potential to greatly improve and expand the administration of therapeutic aerosols for the treatment of respi ratory diseases. Exploiting the technology of a microperforated vibrating membrane offers a close control of the droplet size that is being generated and targeted to reach the lower airways, with little oropharyngeal deposi tion, thereby reducing undesired side effects. The greatly improved efficiency of such devices, as exemplified by the eFlow® nebuliser (PARI), provides fur ther advantages for the patient. A high respirable fraction due to the pre cisely defined perforations, low residual losses and the high liquid output rate combine to produce a highly efficient and fast administration of inhaled medications. Portability, ease of handling and noiseless operation have a pos itive effect on patient compliance, control of the therapy by the physician and the therapy costs.

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